DocuMotor by Omnidocs is a document automation platform that allows any system or process to benefit from document generation. DocuMotor is both system and data-agnostic, meaning any system capable of transferring data can be used to automate documents.

To provide true document automation capability, DocuMotor fits as a part of the document compilation puzzle right after the main system.

In essence, a user (or an automatic trigger) starts a process where the main system sends forward a data payload to DocuMotor, together with a template identifier. DocuMotor applies data transformations and utilizes a templating engine to generate the final document.

DocuMotor does not require access to the information but instead relies on a payload send from the client system. This enables easy retrofitting of document automation to custom systems while providing the ability to grow new procedures and functionalities related to document compilation.


The DocuMotor platform is built from ground up to be delivered as a managed SaaS solution, based on technologies present in most on-premise and private cloud environments.

DocuMotor consists of several microservices responsible for perform a specific operation, for example our Data Transformation templating service, and our Word templating service. These services runs on virtually any host supporting Linux Docker containers.

The standard delivery of DocuMotor is as a Managed SaaS solution, but hybrid cloud and on-premise is supported depending on the licensing agreement.

Managed SaaS

The managed SaaS solution provides an uncomplicated setup, where patches and updates are completely managed by Omnidocs. Interaction happens through the administration web app, systems generate documents using the API.

DocuMotor is hosted on the Microsoft Azure platform (Azure), the leading cloud infrastructure platform in the industry. Our services are distributed horizontally to improve resiliency and provide the expected availability. Azure is certified with ISO 27001 and PCI DDS amongst others and provides geo-redundancy of all template configurations stored in DocuMotor with high security and reliability. Server patches are maintained by Microsoft. All communication is encrypted in transit using SSL (TLS), and data is encrypted at rest.

Hybrid and Self-hosted

Depends on the infrastructure and orchestration approach of the Docker containers. Components can be configured to specific versions of the docker images, or to pull from master of our docker repository (Azure Container Registry).

Omnidocs will provide credentials enabling internal distribution and deployment of the Docker container images.

Example of a hybrid solution where template management is centralized at, but document compilation occurs in the client infrastructure.