This binding type is used to mark sections of your Word template that you want repeated.

It works similarly to the List binding type, but will simply duplicate it’s content without any special consideration for what that content is.

The scope of the bound data is changed to the current element being iterated through.


{ "BindingType": "Repeat", "BindingKey": "ArrayPath", "Separator": "SeparatorText" }


BindingType: Static. Must be “Repeat”.
BindingKey: The array to create the duplicated content from.
SeparatorText: String. Optional. If this parameter is not an empty string, it will be appended to the end of each repeated element, except for the last one.


Repeating fields

It is possible to include fields in the range that should be repeated. Beware the change in scope for field bindings nested within repeater bindings.

Repeating rows

The Repeat binding type can be used to repeat single rows in a table. Make sure the row is included in the repeater’s range.