Adding a template to a page

In the previous section, we explained how to bind a Salesforce query to a DocuMotor template. Let’s see how we can add it to a page and start using it.

  1. Go to the Sales view.
  2. Go to any record-based page, in our example we selected Account.
  3. Click the top right corner wheel button and select Edit Page.

The Page Editor will now open.

Placing the DocuMotor button

  1. Locate the DocuMotor Button in the Components view to the left.
  2. Drag-and-drop the button at any desired location.
  3. Select the created template from the dropdown.
  4. Decide whether to save the resulting document returned from DocuMotor to Notes & Attachments, as well as whether the resulting document should be downloaded after pressing the button or not.
  5. The button configuration is finished. Click Save and Activate the page.

You are now able to call the template with a Salesforce query by pressing the template button on any Account record page.

Next step is to configure the DocuMotor template. Check the guides for Word or PowerPoint – or the concepts and bindings.