Data Pane

The Data Pane is part of the UI where the available data is shown. It can show both the sample data and the transformation result data.

Shared functionality across tabs

Both tabs in the Data Pane have functionality that is shared between the tabs. These functionalities are how to view the data in the tree structure, how to download the data, and how to copy the path of the currently selected item in the data.

In both tabs, the data is shown in a tree structure where it is possible to expand and collapse the different elements in the data. It is also possible to use the two buttons called Expand all and Collapse all, which will either expand or collapse all of the data.

In both tabs, it is also possible to download either the sample data or the transformed data by clicking the download button in the bottom right corner.

When clicking an item in the data, the bottom bar will show the path to the data that has been selected. It is possible to copy this path by clicking the copy selected path button in the bottom left corner.

Sample Data tab

When the Sample Data tab is selected in the Data Pane, the user has different functionalities available. First of all, it has the possibility to upload sample data to the template, which can be done in two different ways.

The sample data has to be JSON data, and it can be added to the template in two ways. If the user has a .JSON file, they can upload it by pressing the upload button in the bottom right corner of the Data Pane.

The user can also add the JSON data to the template by pasting it from the clipboard into the Sample Data tab. This is done by activating the edit view by clicking on the switch button in the top right corner of the tab.

NOTE: If data has been added/changed in the edit view, it is important to click the update button otherwise, the data will not be uploaded correctly.

Transformed Data tab

The Transformed Data tab does not have specific functionality for itself that is not already shared with the Sample Data tab. However, one button will occur in the middle of the tab view if no data has been transformed yet. This button is the Run transformation button that will run the transformation and create the transformation result data that will be shown in the Transformed Data tab.