Result Pane

The Result Pane is the part of the UI that shows the different outputs from the Edit Pane. The pane has three tabs called Quick Preview, Full Preview, and Transformation Result.

Quick Preview tab

The Quick Preview tab shows the generated document in a simplified version. This is a quickly loaded preview of the final output document. In this tab also has four buttons in the bottom right corner that enables the user to zoom in and out, change the contrast, and download the generated template.

Full Preview tab

The Full Preview tab shows the generated document in a preview as it would look in the respective Office application. Below image shows how the generated document from the above image in the Quick Preview tab would look like on the Full Preview tab. Here it is also possible to download the generated document by clicking the download button in the bottom right corner or on the download button in top of the Office application view.

Tranformation Result tab

The Transformation Result tab shows the transformed data. This tab has no other functionality than visualizing the transformed data in a JSON code structure.