We are always ready to answer questions or help with any issues. If you have encountered any problems, or simply have some questions about the documentation, feel free to reach out to us through our support form.

When creating a support form you need to write your email, name, job title and the subject of the support case you are creating. Thereafter, you need to select the severity level to indicate how severe the problem is.

There are four severity levels to choose from:
Low – A minor inconvience, that is only is affecting one user. You can expect that a requet with this severity level has 36 hours of response time.
Normal – A few users are affected by the problem. The response time for this type of request is 24 hours.
High – A significant amount of users are affected by the problem. This severity level has a response time of 16 hours.
Urgent – This level is to be used when the solution is non-operational and no users can use the solution. The response time is 12 hours.

For the description, the more detail you add, the better we can help. It always helps if you mention what solution you are using, what you expect to happen and what is actually happening. It is also very helpfull if you have the possibility to attach screenshots or screen recordings of your workflow.

Lastly, the form asks you to write the answer to an arithmetical problem so we can make sure that you are not a robot.