Configuring a Salesforce Query

In this guide, we will focus on the right-hand side section of the Admin page i.e., the the Query designer.

The Query designer allows us to construct a Salesforce SOQL query to a specific record object (and its children) and bind it with a DocuMotor template.

The designer looks as following:

  1. DocuMotor templates dropdown. This will list all DocuMotor templates from your unit.
  2. This dropdown contains all Salesforce objects available for querying.
  3. Parent objects available for the selected object.
  4. Child objects available for the selected object.
  5. Delete Query will remove the constructed query from the selected DocuMotor template.
  6. Navigate to template designer in DocuMotor for selected DocuMotor template.
  7. The Save query button will save the constructed query (root object, parent, and child objects selected) and bind it to the selected template.

You can now add the created button to a Salesforce page.