Configuring a template

In this guide, we will create a Salesforce query on the Account page. Once created, we will bind this query with a DocuMotor template. As the final result, we would like to see Account details including account owner and its contacts.

What Salesforce objects would we like to query?

  • Account
  • Account Owner
  • Account Contacts

How to achieve that?

  1. Select a DocuMotor template from the Template dropdown.
  2. Choose Account object in the root object dropdown.
  3. Select Owner from the listed Parent objects.
  4. Select Contacts from Child objects.
  5. Press Save Query.

The query is now bound to the selected DocuMotor template. You can always update the query by selecting other objects and pressing Save query.

Let’s now add the DocuMotor Template with the Salesforce query to the Account page.