This section describes the various features of the DocuMotor platform not directly linked to transforming data or binding this data to your document. This includes guides that explain what the different pages are used for and how to use them.

Management describes how to administrate the organization settings and unit settings.

Template Editor goes into depth of how to use the DocuMotor platform’s template editors and all the available functionalities.

Versioned template explains how to create and use versioned templates.

External tags describes when external tags are usefull and how to create them.

Data sources (New UI/Old UI) explains the purpose of data sources and how to create them.

Custom functions (New UI/Old UI) goes into detail on what a custom function is used for and how to create and use them.

Connected Services describes how to fetch data from external services to be used in the transformations.

Custom Pipelines explains how to create a pipeline to combine procedures not covered by the template UIs.