DocuMotor is a modern document generation platform that allows document creation based on data transformation steps, templates designed in Microsoft office, and APIs, to create documents from within any system.

It allows virtually any system or process to benefit from document automation with ease. The service is system and data agnostic, meaning any system capable of transferring data can be used to generate automated documents. Automation of tedious manual processes for generation of for example quotes, proposals or contracts is one of the core strengths of our platform.

DocuMotor is hosted on the Microsoft Azure platform (Azure), the leading cloud infrastructure platform in the industry. Our services are distributed horizontally to improve resiliency and provide the expected availability. Azure is certified with ISO 27001 and PCI DDS amongst others and provides geo-redundancy of all template configurations stored in DocuMotor with high security and reliability. Server patches are maintained by Microsoft. All communication is encrypted in transit using SSL (TLS), and data is encrypted at rest.

DocuMotor does not require access to outside infrastructure but relies on data payloads send to produce documents. Documents are constructed in a synchronous stream without persisting document on our side.

Our DocuMotor services are built on Docker supporting cloud, hybrid, or self-hosted solutions.

Details on Azure security is available at the Microsoft Trust Center.