Importing to Postman

With your snippet stored in the clipboard, open Postman and press the ‘import’ button at the top.

View of Postman's top-left corner
Postman top left corner

Then go to the ‘Raw text’ tab and paste the snippet into the window and press ‘Continue’, then ‘Finish’

Image of postman raw text import
The snippet should be imported as raw text

The snippet should now be imported, and be visible as a collection on the left side of the window.

To send the snippet as a request to DocuMotor , simply open the request, press the small down arrow next to send, and press ‘Send and download’.

Image of the 'send request' window in postman
Headers, body, url and authorization was all imported with the snippet.

This will generate the document with the JSON found in the body of the request, and open a save dialog when the process is done.